伯斯水晶後庭棒 C款
non Erectrical

Product #: BC-W3

JAN :4582372181915
Package size :W70×H210(header +43)×D45mm
Product size :W35×H195×D35mm

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  1. BOSS Line

Strongly luxurious, it is the ideal choice for those wanting to experience intense sensation either virginally or anally. Designed with rippling massaging swells that is perfect for men and women who prefer harder penetrative sensations. A bulb handle fits comfortably in the palm of your hand and ensures you remain in control of your pleasure at all times. Once water-based lubricant has been applied, enjoy the added friction as the BOSS CRYSWAND effortlessly glides in and out for anal or vaginal penetration.Although it is stronger than acrylic and glass, it may be damaged when it is on impact. If it gets damaged, please stop to use it.